10 Tricky Riddles

10 Tricky Riddles

I’ve put together a personal variety of riddles challenging all aspects of your mind, how many can you solve?

Here are a collection of riddles that I hope will rattle your brain:

  1. Two police offers were investigating a mysterious death.

    When they arrived at the scene of the crime they found a room with no windows and the dead man who seemed to have hung himself by a rope from the ceiling.
    There was no chair or table that the man may have jumped off.
    The only clue was a puddle of water on the floor.

    How did the man manage to hang himself?

  2. Late one evening, a man and his wife were driving their car at speed down a country road. The car spun of the road and hit a tree.

    The man decided to seek help at a garage a few miles away.
    He made sure nobody was in the car, rolled all the windows up, and locked all of the doors.
    When he returned, his wife was dead, and there someone in the car he had never seen before.
    No physical damage was done to the car, it was still locked?
    How did the woman die?
    Where did the stranger come from?

  3. A man kills his wife. Many people watch him doing so.

    Yet no one will ever be able to accuse him of murder. Why?

  4. If there are three oranges and you take away two, how many will you have?
  5. What is it that you cannot hold even ten minute, even though it is lighter than a feather?
  6. Part carbon, part water, I am poison to the fishes

    Many have falsely claimed my name, for I am the pause that refreshes.
    What am I?

  7. The following sentence is false

    The preceding sentence is true.
    Are these sentences true or false?

  8. I am the beginning of sorrow,

    And the end of sickness.
    You cannot express happiness without me,
    yet I am in the midst of crosses.
    I am always in risk,
    yet never in danger.
    You may find me in the sun,
    but I am never out of darkness.

  9. Sabrina gave Samantha as many dollars as Samantha started out with

    Samantha then gave Sabrina back as much as Sabrina had left.
    Sabrina then gave Samantha as back as many dollars as Samantha had left, which left Sabrina broke and gave
    Samantha a total of $80.00.
    How much did Sabrina and Samantha have at the beginning of their exchange?

  10. Though liquid in nature, don’t push me too far; for then I will break, and the damage may scar. What am I?

Hopefully you’ve manage to solve a few, but if not, or if you need reassurance of your answers, I’ve put the answers below:

  1. He stood on a block of ice until it melted
  2. The woman was pregnant and died in childbirth, the stranger was the baby
  3. He’s an executioner, it’s his job
  4. You have 2 because you took 2
  5. Your breath
  6. Soda pop
  7. Neither, it’s a paradox; if the first sentence is true then the second must be false so the first must be false
  8. The letter ā€œsā€
  9. Sabrina = $50, Samantha = $30
  10. Glass
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adrienne, posted this comment on Sep 3rd, 2007

oh wow
i actually got a few of those before looking at the answers.

Tarz, posted this comment on May 17th, 2008

That was so lame, everyone allready knows those and there not riddles there thinking outside the square questions

thanigai, posted this comment on Aug 5th, 2008

make me to think …. as i won’t came across such puzzles

puff, posted this comment on Oct 8th, 2008

dat was so e z

ABIGAYLE , posted this comment on Oct 21st, 2008


Mohamed Hisham - Egypt, posted this comment on Oct 28th, 2008

Thats so cool, dude .you like tottaly rock, dude. These mind bogglers are sooo amazing:-)

UNKNOWN, posted this comment on Dec 8th, 2008

The best one was #8

To: Puff
Who exactly do they think they are? Those puzzles weren’t “easy” I bet puff was just saying that to show off what kind of name is “PUFF” anyway????????

steve, posted this comment on Dec 9th, 2008

the “s” one was really good the others ones eh not so much

Tommy, posted this comment on Dec 24th, 2008

I agree with UNKOWN
those riddles were creative.
But ive already heard some, but some were like impossible to get because the answer could be anything.
For eg, for the first one
He stood on an ice block?
It could have been a man held him on a rope while he was drinking a glass of water and he spilt it and rana way.
But overall it was great! Well done.

r, posted this comment on Jan 31st, 2009


Kool!!!, posted this comment on Feb 4th, 2009

Hi yh those were great!!! I love riddles coz they r really kool and i agree with u UNKNOWN!!! xxx

alaya, posted this comment on Feb 19th, 2009

I totally understand wat you guys r sayin abot about Puff and yea he is probably juz showin’ off, but still, don’t be hatin’ cause u ain’t as smarrt as him. he’s simply just better than u.

kali tati wa wa, posted this comment on Feb 25th, 2009

abay yaar..kya bakwas hai.cool……….

Ayesha, posted this comment on Apr 18th, 2009

They were preaty cool and i agree with all of you guys. Keep up the good work!

kati wati wa wa was saying what nonsence cool.
He saying it in his own language(hindi and punjabi).
Preaty weird online!!

Julie, posted this comment on Jun 26th, 2009

lol I only got the letter s hahahaha

your mum, posted this comment on Jul 12th, 2009

wats the answer for the first question???

patrick murray, posted this comment on Aug 13th, 2009

that was pretty hard. i agree with some of you. puff is tryin to show off. and alaya stop defending puff cuz u know that he or she or whtevr that thing is is just tryin to show off. Alaya and Puff, i have somethin very important to tell you.

P.S Puff…………………… such a retarded name. oh yeah so is alaya. and puff just cuz u say dat was so e z like that, doesnt mean ur cool.

patrick murray, posted this comment on Aug 14th, 2009

ealysfEFHRIosiusrfhhgfdlsg;l;zlfoij;ajj kahguagd; esakdfjhfgiuhgau ajahiuohahaihgaerhgjahjgu sdjhguiHFIHGI LFJGHFJhduhddzfiu dfojkjxck dfajo f nxfvjfdkov

that is my way of saying Puff and Alaya are very stupid losers.

Priya, posted this comment on Aug 14th, 2009

da riddles were confusing bt rockin.
it was amazing,smart brain!!!! CCCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLL

prassy, posted this comment on Aug 16th, 2009

the 8th is really good

Prina, posted this comment on Feb 3rd, 2010

The riddles should be having the answers

Hamuler, posted this comment on Feb 5th, 2010

Where are the answers!

james, posted this comment on Mar 23rd, 2010

hear is a riddel look at the numbers on my face you wont find 13 any place the anser is a clock

s kawya, posted this comment on May 13th, 2010

super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nevr new ani1 wid such gud brains!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI, posted this comment on Jun 8th, 2010


Alex, posted this comment on Jun 22nd, 2010

challenging! made me think

sup, posted this comment on Aug 26th, 2010

correct me if im wrong (groombleck@gmail.com)but i think its sh it. glass is made from sand and i dont think sand is a liquid. melted sand is but its not natural form of glass.. so, w t f?!

jass, posted this comment on Aug 30th, 2010

these puzzles are so…………….. intresting that iwant me read some more.

Bigman, posted this comment on Sep 27th, 2010

Woahh woah woah dont be hating on puff i aint defending him but he might have a higher iq than all yalls nd some of yalls just skip to the answrrs aint takin up the challenge

SRIDEVI, posted this comment on Nov 14th, 2010


christmas tree, posted this comment on Dec 9th, 2010

well I have one

there was an investigator and a doctor who was sharing their cases and the investigator said ” there was a man and his wife who were watching a cops and robbers movie. The husband then fell asleep in the middle of the movie and was dreaming that he was in the scene of the movie and was being chased by strangers while he was driving his car. He stopped at the boom gates and decided to take a risk wich was to jump the boom gates but stopped in the middle of the train tracks. He was in such shock that he thought he was dead in his dream but then his wife shook him in reality and was still in shock in his dream and eventually died. ” the doctor said thats absolute nonsens. Why did he say that?

because if the man was dead in his sleep how could anyone have known what his dream was

tr7ertuwtrut, posted this comment on Dec 28th, 2010

haha good jokes whoever came up with them. They are definetly hard ones! LOL

Lolocopter, posted this comment on Jan 11th, 2011

i love men

Amanda Hugankiss, posted this comment on Jan 14th, 2011

You guys can’t SPELL!

anal warrior, posted this comment on Mar 17th, 2011

there once was a farmer who lived on a rock,
he sat in the medow just shakeing his …………………………..fist

anonimous, posted this comment on May 9th, 2011

awsome but the answeres were strange

poo, posted this comment on May 9th, 2011

PATHETIC! I know a waaaaay better riddle than them!

In the middle of a garden there’s a lake. In the midlle of the lake there’s a boat. In the midlle of the boat there’s a lady in a red peticoat. An’ if you want to know your name you’ve only got your self to blame because i said it in the middle of the riddle!


it works better if your saying it

phumi, posted this comment on May 9th, 2011

how do i find the answers to the above riddles??

deeksha, posted this comment on Jun 1st, 2011

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz really

bella cullen, posted this comment on Jul 16th, 2011

awesome dude! u rock!!!

SEXAAAAAYY BEASTAAYY, posted this comment on Sep 1st, 2012

freakin moron they are on the page…

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